Giuseppe Trunfio - Basic evaluation of the catalytic pattern of the CuCeOx system in the wet oxidation of phenol with oxygen

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  F. Arena,   E. Alongi, P. Famulari, A. Parmaliana, G. Trunfio. Catalysis   Letters, 107 (2006) 39-46.


  The working   mechanism of a ceria-supported Cu (Cuat:Ceat=1:10)   system in the Catalytic Wet Oxidation (CWO) of   phenol with O2  (TR,   130–170 C;  PO2,   7 atm) has been thoroughly assessed. Basic relationships amongst   pH, extent of leaching and rate of phenol and TOC   conversion prove the major contribution of a homogeneous   catalytic path by Cu ions on the peculiar CWO pattern of   supported copper catalyst. In addition, gas-phase   reduction/oxidation tests signal the lack of reversibility of the   redox cycle of the CuCeOx  system under typical   reaction   conditions.

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