Giuseppe Trunfio - Synthesis of highly dispersed MnCeOx catalysts via a novel ‘‘redox-precipitation’’ route

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  F.   Arena, G.   Trunfio, J.   *****, L. Spadaro.   Material Research Bullettin, 43 (2008)   539-545.


  Anewsynthesis route   driving redox-precipitation reactions among MnVII,CeIII  andMnII  precursors in basic   aqueous solution yields MnCeOx  catalysts (Mn loading,   9–33 wt%) with improved textural and structural properties in   comparison to the conventional coprecipitation  technique.   Irrespective of the Mn loading, BET, X-ray diffraction (XRD),   transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray photoelectron   spectroscopy (XPS) findings prove that the newmethod ensures a   very high reproducibility in all themain physicochemical   properties of MnCeOx  catalysts. Enabling   a monolayer   dispersion of the active phase,   the ‘‘redox-precipitation’’ method greatly promotes the   reducibility and the surface   affinity of the   MnCeOx  system towards   gas-phase   oxygen.

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