Todd Graham - Reactivity Patterns of Thermally Stable, Terminal, Electrophilic Phosphinidene Complexes Towards Diazoalkanes: Oxidation at the Phosphorus Centre and Formation of P-bound 1-Phosphaazine, 1-Phosphaalkene and 3- Diazaphosphaallene Comple...

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  Graham, T. W., Udachin, K. A., Carty, A. J. Chem.   Commun. 2005, 47, 5890


  The thermally stable, terminal phosphinidene complexes   [CpM(CO)21-PNiPr2)]AlCl4  (Cp = Cp, Cp*; M = Fe) and   [Cp*M(CO)31-PNiPr2)]AlCl4  (M = Cr, Mo, W) react with   Ph2Cdouble bond, length as m-dashNdouble bond, length as m-dashN to form   terminal P-coordinated η1-phosphaazine   and η3-diazaphosphaallene ligands,   respectively, whereas   [CpFe(CO)21-PNiPr2)]AlCl4  reacts with   Me3SiCHN2  affording a terminal phosphorus bound   η1-phosphaalkene complex.

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