Giuseppe Trunfio - Sorption onto crosslinked cyclodextrin polymers for industrial pollutants removal: an interesting environmental approach

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  Sancey B., Trunfio   G., Charles J., Badot P.-M., Crini G. J. Incl. Phenom. Macro. 2010,

  DOI   10.1007/s10847-010-9841-1


  An   insoluble polymeric network containing cyclodextrins (CDs) and   amino, hydroxyl and carboxylic groups, was used for the   detoxification of multicontaminated wastewaters. The comparison   of its sorption capacity with that of a similarly prepared starch   material showed

  superior   efficiency towards organic compounds, though maintaining the same   efficiency towards inorganic species. The incorporation of   cyclodextrin cavity into a solid network provides an easy   separation of pollutants from water, after their uptake onto the   sorbent surface. In fact, the presence of CDs ensures the   formation of inclusion complexes enhancing the sorption   properties. The proposed sorbent also shows good sorption   capacity for cations and other inorganic compounds, which is   mandatory for the treatment of multicontaminated   wastewaters.

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