Graeme Moad - Living Free-Radical Polymerization by Reversible Addition−Fragmentation Chain Transfer:  The RAFT Process

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  John Chiefari et al; Macromolecules, 1998, 31 (16), 5559–5562


  A new living free-radical polymn. that involves reversible   addn.-fragmentation chain transfer and is designated RAFT polymn.   can be used with a wide rage of monomers and reaction conditions   and provides controlled mol. wt. polymers with very narrow   polydispersities.  The RAFT process involves free radical   polymn. in the presence of dithio compds.  Mol.   wt/conversion data are presented for polymers formed by bulk,   soln., emulsion and suspension polymn. of acrylic and styrene   monomers using azo or peroxy initiators.  Major advantages   of the RAFT polymn. process over other processes for   living/controlled free-radical polymn. are discussed.

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