John Sheckelton - Heterometallic Ln/Hg Tellurido Clusters

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  Heterometallic Ln/Hg Tellurido Clusters

  Santanu Banerjee, John Sheckelton, Thomas J. Emge, John G.   Brennan
  Inorganic Chemistry 2010  49  (4),                       1728-1732


  “Ln(TePh)3” (Ln = Er, Tm, Lu), prepared in situ by   the  reduction of PhTeTePh with elemental Ln in the presence   of Hg catalyst,  reacts with elemental Te to give   heterometallic clusters with the  formula   (py)7Ln3HgTe4(TePh)3.    Structural characterization of all three isostructural   derivatives  reveals a cubane arrangement of metal ions,   with a distorted tetrahedral  Hg(II) ion coordinated to   three μ3 coordinate Te2− and a terminal   TePh ligand. There are two chemically inequivalent types of   octahedral Ln(III) ions, one bound to three Te2− and   three pyridine donors, and two that coordinate two pyridine,   three Te2−, and a terminal TePh ligand. The Lu   compound decomposes at elevated temperatures to give LuTe.

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