Kikku Fukushima Winkler - Effect of sepiolite on the biodegradation trend of PLA and PCL

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           Kikku Fukushima, Daniela Tabuani, Cristina Abbate, Maria Arena, Loredana Ferreri, Polymer Degradation and Stability, 95, 2049-2056, (2010).


      PLA and PCL nanocomposites prepared by adding 5 wt% of a   sepiolite (SEPS9) were degraded in compost, leading to effective   degradation for all samples.

      PLA and PLA/SEPS9 seem to be mainly degraded by a bulk mechanism,   showing a significant level of polymer degradation, however the   presence of SEPS9 particles partially delays the degradation   probably due to a preventing effect of these particles on polymer   chain mobility and/or PLA/enzymes miscibility. PCL and PCL/SEPS9   showed a preferential surface mechanism of degradation; and in   contrast to PLA, sepiolite does not present a considerable   barrier effect on the degradation of PCL.

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