Muhammad Javed - A One-Pot Synthesis of m-Terphenyls: A Guided Exploration of Reaction Chemistry, Chromatography, and Spectroscopy. A Miniproject for the Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory

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  A one-pot synthesis of m-terphenyls


  This four-week project-based laboratory exercise, developed for   advanced organic chemistry students, involves a one-pot synthesis   of m-terphenyls. Chemistry of aryl diazonium salts and Grignard   reagents and reactivity of aryne intermediates toward   nucleophilic reagents form the reaction chemistry basis for the   project. The project exposes students to a number of important   laboratory techniques (thin-layer chromatography, gas   chromatography-mass spectrometry, and column chromatography) for   monitoring reaction progress and product isolation. A variety of   spectroscopic techniques, including IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and   attached proton test are used for product characterization.   Students are also introduced to a useful empirical relationship   to help predict (with considerable accuracy) the 13C chemical   shift values of carbon atoms of substituted benzenes.

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