Rafael Abargues - Scalable heterogeneous synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and aggregates with polyvinyl alcohol

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      R Abargues, R Gradess, J Canet-Ferrer, K Abderrafi, J L Valdes, J   Martinez-Pastor (2009)  NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 33: 4.   913-917


      Here we report on a new route to synthesize colloidal silver and   gold nanoparticles, potentially scalable for massive   nanoparticle-production. This method is based on the   microwave-assisted heterogeneous reduction of the metal salts   with polyvinylalcohol. The reaction is carried out in alcohols,   which are non-solvents for polyvinylalcohol. Nanoparticles can be   very easily separated by filtration. The reaction kinetics are   extremely fast. Size-controlled formation of nanoparticle   agglomerates is accomplished with a seed-mediated synthesis of   nanoparticles upon MW exposure.

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