Henry Rawls - * Rawls, H.R., Casella, R., Backus, V. and Dill, R.  Methods for predicting the quality of nylon 612 filament for use as a bristle material.  J Appl Polymer Sci 46: 1369-1374, 1992

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): * Rawls, H.R., Casella, R., Backus, V. and   Dill, R. Methods for predicting the quality of nylon 612 filament   for use as a bristle material. J Appl Polymer Sci 46: 1369-1374,   1992. * Rawls, H.R., Starr, J., Kasten, F.H., Murray, M., Smid,   J. and Cabasso, I.: Radiopaque dental resins containing miscible   heavy metal compounds. Dental Materials 6: 250-255, 1990. *   Rawls, H.R., Mkwayi Tulloch, N.J. and Krull, M.E. Mathematical   model for predicting toothbrush stiffness. Dental Materials   6:111-117, 1990. * Kasten, F.H., Pineda, L.F., Schneider, P.E.,   Rawls, H.R. and Foster, T.A. Biocompatibility testing of an   experimental fluoride releasing resin using human gingival   epithelial cells in vitro. In Vitro Cellular & Dev Biol 25:57   62, 1989. * Underwood, M.L., Rawls, H.R. and Zimmerman, B.F.   Clinical evaluation of a fluoride exchanging resin as an   orthodontic adhesive. Am J Orthod Dentofac Orthop 96:93-99, 1989.   * Rawls, H.R., Mkwayi Tulloch, N.J., Casella, R. and Cosgrove R..   The measurement of toothbrush wear. J. Dent. Res. 69:1781-1785,   1989. Smid, J., Cabasso, I., Rawls, H.R., Obligin, A., Delaviz,   Y., Sahni, S.K. and Zhang, Z.-X. Novel homogeneous polymer heavy   metal salt complexes for x ray imaging. Makromol Chem 8(11):   543-547, 1987. Rawls, H.R., Cabasso, I., Zimmerman, B.F. and   Lescale, K.B.. Fluoride ion binding and adsorption affinity of   polyelectrolytes. Colloids & Surfaces 26:89 100, 1987. Rawls,   H.R., Zimmerman, B.F. and Querens, A.E.. Prevention of secondary   caries with an experimental fluoride ion exchanging restorative   resin. J Dent Res 63: 689 692, 1984. Rawls, H.R. and Zimmerman,   B.F. Fluoride exchanging resins for caries protection. Caries Res   17:32 43, 1983. * Turpin Mair, J.S., Rawls, H.R. and Zimmerman,   B.F. The potential of a self etching fluoride releasing   composite. Quintessence Internat 14:1267 1272, 1983.

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