Henry Rawls - * Lyles MB, Cameron IL, Rawls HR, "Structural Basis for the Binding Affinity of Xanthenes with the DNA Intercalator Acridine Orange."  J Med Chem 44(26): 5650-5660, 2001 (December)

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): * Lyles MB, Cameron IL, Rawls HR,   "Structural Basis for the Binding Affinity of Xanthenes with the   DNA Intercalator Acridine Orange." J Med Chem 44(26): 5650-5660,   2001 (December). Yamashita J, Furman BR, Rawls HR, Wang X,   Agrawal CM, "The use of dynamic mechanical analysis to assess the   viscoelastic properties of human cortical bone." J Biomed Mater   Res (Appl Biomater) 58: 47-53, 2001 (January). * Furman BR, Rawls   HR, Wellinghoff ST, Dixon H, Nicolella D, "Metal-Oxide   Nanoparticles for the Reinforcement of dental Restorative   Resins." Critical Rev Biomed Engineering 28: 439-443, 2000. *   Lang LA, Mattie PA and Rawls HR, "The Effect of Triphenylbismuth   on Radiopacity and Performance Properties of Compression- and   Injection-Molded Denture Resins," J Prosthod 9: 23-29, 2000. *   Park Y-J, K-H Chae and HR Rawls. Development of a new   photoinitiation system for dental light-cure composite resins.   Dental Materials 15: 120-127, 1999. * Chan DCN, HW Titus, KH   Chung, H Dixon, ST Wellinghoff and HR Rawls. Radiopacity of Ta2O5   nanoparticle filled resins. Dental Materials 15: 219-222, 1999. *   Rawls HR, VT Wellinghoff, BK Norling, SH Leamon, NF Swynnerton   and ST Wellinghoff. Low shrinkage resins from liquid crystal   diacrylate monomers. ACS Polym Prepr 38(2):167-168, 1997. * Rawls   HR, Granier RJ, Smid J, Cabasso I. Thermomechanical investigation   of poly(methylmethacrylate) containing an organiobismuth   radiopacifying additive. J Biomed Materials Res 31: 339-343,   1996. * Mattie PA, Rawls HR and Cabasso I. Development of a   radiopaque, auto-polymerizing dental acrylic resin. J.   Prosthodontics 3: 213-218, 1994. * Jeppesen, M.T. and Rawls, H.R.   Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Amorphous-Phase Organization in   Acrylic Polymers. J Adhesion 47: 191-199, 1994. * Benton, J.B.,   Zimmerman, B.F., Zimmerman, K.L. and Rawls, H.R. In Vivo   Biocompatibility of An Acrylic, Fluoride Releasing,   Anion-Exchange Resin. J Appl Biomat 4: 97-101, 1993.

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