Kirk Abbey - Polymerization Kinetics by Precision Densimetry

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  Emulsion Polymers and   Emulsion Polymerization, D. R. Bassett and A. E. Hamielec,   Eds., ACS Symposium Series #165 (1981)


  Frequently the extent of conversion in commercial polymerization   reactors can be monitored by measuring the total heat evolved.   This is possible because of the large volume-to-surface area   ratio of these reactors. The small scale laboratory preparations   become much more difficult to follow by calorimetry. Meeks(1) has   reported a suitable laboratory scale isothermal reactor utilizing   an analog computer. Many other reaction calorimeter designs are   known. Other methods, such as dilatometry and gravimetric   analysis, have been used in the laboratory. A method for   monitoring polymerizations was desired which would avoid the   restrictions on reactor design, provide rapid response, and allow   for automatic data collection and possibly control. The apparatus   of Meeks appeared appropriate except that the reaction vessel was   an integral part of the instrument.


  The use of a precision digital density meter as supplied by   Mettler Instruments (Anton Paar, Ag.) appeared attractive. Few   references on using density measurements to follow polymerization  

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