Alex Lubnin - Dynamic 1H NMR of a Mixture of Ethyllithium and Perdeuterated Oligobutadienyllithium

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  Organometallic Chemistry (U.S.S.R.) , Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 419-424   (1992)


  The dynamics of allyllithium compds. were studied in a nonpolar   medium by 1H NMR using a probe, which is introduced into the   aggregates of oligobutadienyllithium.  The probe is an Et   group, the internal chem. shift of which depends on the   electroneg. of substituent bonded by it.  Similar temp.   changes in the spectra of ethyllithium and mixed assocs. of   ethyllithium with perdeuterated oligobutadienyllithium give   evidence that the equil. between the covalent form of substituted   allyllithium and a contact ion pair does not exist.

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