Eliade Stefanescu -  Non-Markovian master equation for a system of Fermions interacting with an electromagnetic field

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  Annals of Physics, 323 (2008) 1168-1190.


  For a system of charged   Fermions interacting with an   electromagnetic field, we derive a non-Markovian     master equation in the second-order approximation of the weak   dissipative   coupling. A complex dissipative   environment including Fermions, Bosons and   the free   electromagnetic field is taken into account. Besides the   well-known   Markovian term of Lindblad's form, that   describes the decay of the system by   correlated   transitions of the system and environment particles, this   equation   includes new Markovian and non-Markovian   terms proceeding from the   fluctuations of the   self-consistent field of the environment. These terms     describe fluctuations of the energy levels, transitions among   these levels   stimulated by the fluctuations of the   self-consistent field of the   environment, and the   influence of the time-evolution of the environment on     the system dynamics. We derive a complementary master equation   describing the   environment dynamics correlated with   the dynamics of the system. As an   application, we   obtain non-Markovian Maxwell-Bloch equations and   calculate   the absorption spectrum of a field   propagation mode crossing an array of   two-level   quantum dots.

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