Alex Lubnin - Novel “Breathable” Polyurethane Dispersions

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  Paint & Coatings Industry, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 26-35   (2005)


  The demand   for moisture management and highly breathable fabric   constructions is growing. Regulatory pressures to reduce or   eliminate HAPs and VOCs remain strong globally. Permax   hydrophilic nonionic polyurethane dispersions and compounds offer   a viable alternative to solvent-containing, high-MVT systems and   laminates used to produce waterproof breathable fabrics. The   incorporation of hydrophilic pendent PEO groups into the   polyurethane backbone provides highly breathable compositions   when used at the appropriate level and with the proper length.   The robust colloidal stability and functionality of these   products provide new tools to meet the changing technical demands   of the coated fabrics market. The environmentally friendly Permax   technology opens a window of opportunity into a broad range of   applications that go beyond the textile coating industry.

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