Alain Berthod - Ionic liquid based headspace solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography for the determination of volatile polar organic compounds

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  Separation Science and Technology 45 (2010) pp. 2422-2428


  Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) with an ionic liquid (IL)   coating was developed for headspace extraction of a group of low   molecular weight alcohols (ethanol, n-propanol, butanol, and   isopropyl alcohol), acetone, ethyl acetate and   acetonitrile.  A first SPME fiber was simply coated with a   dedicated IL whose synthesis is described.  A second SPME   fiber was prepared by gluing silica (Si) particles on which the   synthesized IL was chemically bonded.  The analytes SPME   extraction was optimized for time, temperature and NaCl salting   out content.  The headspace extracted analytes were   determined by simple temperature desorption into the hot   injection port of a gas chromatograph.  The coated-IL fiber   did not have enough extracting material to be useful.  The   bonded-IL-Si particle fiber had much more extracting   material.  Its analytical capabilities were compared to   these of two commercially available fibers.  The extraction   yields of the bonded-IL-Si fiber were inferior to those of the   two commercial fibers because they contained a significantly   higher amount of extracting material.  The linear   concentration range could reach up to 120 μg/mL.   The   recoveries, trueness and precision (RSD) were in the 97.4-109.5%,   0.1-9.5% and 0.7-16.5 ranges, respectively.  The   bonded-IL-Si fiber showed a specific affinity for ethanol giving   an ethanol peak height equal or greater than that of the two   commercial fibers tested with the same sample.

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