Baicang Liu - Two-Dimensional LDV Measurement, Modeling, and Optimal Design of Rectangular Primary Settling Tanks

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  J. Environ. Eng., ASCE. 2010, 136(5), 501-507.


  To optimize the design parameters of rectangular primary settling   tanks, we used two-dimensional laser Doppler velocimetry (2D LDV)   to conduct flow field measurements in five cases and used a   previous model to simulate the flow field. The relative baffle   submergence height and the ratio of tank length to height were   optimized in a low suspended solid (LSS) concentration   (LSS<150–200  mg/L). The experimental and simulation   results show that a large recirculation zone exists behind the   reaction baffle and the flow magnitude is small in the   recirculation region; the length of recirculation increases with   an increasing flow rate; the length of recirculation increases as   the depth of the submerged reaction baffle increases; and the   variation of the reaction baffle height can affect the flow field   more significantly than does the variation of the flow rate. We   also determined that to reach a higher removal rate and to   optimize the area dimensions of a sedimentation tank, a   length-to-height design ratio between 8 and 12 is optimal.

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