Eliade Stefanescu - Dynamics of a Fermi system with resonant dissipation and dynamical detailed balance

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  Physica A 350 (2005) 227-244.


  The dissipative dynamics of a system   of Fermions is   described in the framework of a resonance model - the   quantum   master equation describes two-body   correlations of the system with the   environment   particles. This equation, with microscopic coefficients   depending   on the exactly known two-body potential   between the system and the   environment particles, is   discussed in comparison with other master   equations,   obtained on axiomatic grounds, or derived from a coupling with   an   environment of harmonic oscillators without   altering the quantum conditions.   The asymptotic   solution is in accordance with the detailed balance   principle,   and with other generally accepted   conditions satisfied during the whole   time-evolution:   Pauli master equations for the diagonal elements of   the   density matrix, and damped Bloch-Feynman   equations for the non-diagonal ones,   that we call   dynamical detailed balance. For a harmonic oscillator   coupled   with the electromagnetic field through dipole   interaction, a master equation   with transition   operators between successive levels is obtained. As   an   application, the decay width of a quantum logic   gate is calculated.

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