Baicang Liu - Two-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Primary Settling Tanks by Hybrid Finite Analytic Method

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  J. Environ. Eng., ASCE. 2008,134(4), 273-282.


  In order to investigate the turbulent flow and mass transfer in   primary settling tanks, numerical simulations are conducted by   using a modified k — ε two-layer model based   Boussinesq’s approximation to model the Reynolds stress in   primary settling tanks, and solving the governing equations using   a hybrid finite analytic method (HFAM). The simulation results   obtained using the mathematical model are compared with the   experimental data and simulation results available in the   literature, and the results of comparison indicate that the   profiles of the primary velocity field are in line with the   experimental results and the flow-through curve obtained using   the mathematical model are in good agreement with the curves   based on experimental data. It is therefore concluded that the   HFAM approach can be used to simulate the turbulent flow and mass   transfer in a primary settling tank, and the modified k  — ε two-layer model can be used to establish the velocity field   distribution at the bottom of a primary settling tank.

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