Rafael Abargues -  Resist-based silver nanocomposites synthesized by lithographic methods

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      J Marques-Hueso, R Abargues, J Canet-Ferrer, J L Valdes, J   Martinez-Pastor (2010)MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 87: 5-8.   1147-1149


      In this work, the formation of silver metal nanoparticles inside   a negative-tone resist based on poly(vinyl alcohol) is achieved   by electron beam lithography. The chemistry of this sensitive   resist allows the production of nanoparticles as well as the   polymer crosslinking by the electron radiation. Due to the   presence of the silver nanoparticles, the final composite   exhibits a plasmonic behavior, which was characterized by   measuring the absorbance. The lithographic properties of the   resist have been characterized.

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