Alex Lubnin - The Use of Organomagnesium Compounds and Alkylaluminum-Magnesium Complexes in a Ziegler Catalyst for the Synthesis of cis-1,4-Polyisoprene

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Polymer Science U.S.S.R., Vol. 25, No. 10, pp. 2442-2447 (1983)


The kinetics of polymn. of isoprene (I)  [78-79-5] in the presence of Ziegler catalysts, prepd. by redn. of TiCl4 by PhMgBr  [100-58-3] soln. in PhMe or by 5Bu2Mg.AlEt3 is described.  Addn. of iso-Bu3Al  [100-99-2] or iso-Bu2AlCl  [1779-25-5] to the catalyst system decreased the polymn. rate of I and reduced catalyst activity.  The microstructure of isoprene rubber depended primarily on the [R-Mg]:[TiCl4] molar ratio, and was not affected by the organoaluminum compds.

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