Rafael Abargues -  Laser-Ablation-Induced Synthesis of SiO2-Capped Noble Metal Nanoparticles in a Single Step

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  E Jimenez, K Abderrafi, R Abargues, J L Valdes, J P   Martinez-Pastor (2010) LANGMUIR 26: 10. 7458-7463


  Here we describe a simple, powerful technique based on the laser   ablation of a target immersed in a water solution of a metal   salt. With this method, nanoparticles of different metals and   alloys can be processed very quickly. Both the target and the   salt solution can be chosen to produce metal nanoparticles of   different sizes, surface-oxidized nanoparticles (silica−silver,   for example), or even more complex structures to be defined by   the researcher on one or more steps because the technique   combines the advantages of both physical and chemical methods. We   have applied this technique to the fabrication of inert   silica−metal (silver, gold, and silver−gold) nanoparticles with a   strong surface plasmon resonance all together in a single step.   The advantage of the simultaneous production of silica during   laser ablation is the stabilization of the metal nanoparticle   colloid but also the possibility to reduce the toxicity of these   nanoparticles.

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