Brian Ponczak - Uniformity Improvement of Planetary Epitaxial Growth Processes

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      Materials Science Forum Vols. 615-617 (2009) pp 101-104


      A method to improve the   uniformity of epitaxial wafers grown in planetary rotation

      reactors through   analysis of intentionally stalled wafer measurements is   described. A set of basis

      functions that are   completely uniform when rotated in the reactor environment are   described and

      used to construct a   nearest uniformity producing profile (NUPP). The methodology for   use of

      stalled wafer profiles   and comparison to the NUUP allows easy identification of the   changes in

      process parameters   necessary for more uniform epitaxial growth. Although described   here as

      applied to SiC   epitaxial growth, this method is applicable to all planetary   rotation reactors which are

      utilized for SiC and   III-V semiconductor epitaxial growth.

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