Jennifer Romero - A combinatorial approach to screening carbon based materials for respiratory protection

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  Romero, J. V., Smith, J. W. H., White, C. L., Trussler, S.,   Croll, L. M., Dahn, J. R.   J. Haz. Mat. 2010, 183,   677-687.


  A combinatorial materials science approach for the discovery of   an  impregnated activated carbon that can adsorb a wide   variety of toxic  gases (i.e. a multi-gas carbon) has been   developed. This approach  presently allows for the parallel   preparation and investigation of  64–100 IAC samples at once   increasing the rate of discovery of viable  multi-gas   carbons. Multi-gas carbons were prepared using a solutions    handling robot and screened gravimetrically for their   effectiveness as  gas adsorbents. The method was validated   using known gas adsorbent  materials such as   ZnCl2, K2CO3 and    CuO-impregnated carbons. The calculated adsorption capacities   and  stoichiometric ratios of reactions for these known gas   adsorbent  materials, when evaluated using the combinatorial   approach, was  comparable to the values obtained using   traditional methods of analysis.  A library of samples   prepared by combining various amounts of CuO and  ZnO   impregnants showed the expected decreasing trend in the   calculated  stoichiometric ratio of reaction with respect to   increasing amount of  impregnants added. The method is now   ready to use to explore new systems  of impregnated   activated carbons.

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