Syed Naqvi - Characterization of Indigenous Magnesite: A Prospective Adsorbent for Re-Refining of Used Lubricating Oil

Document created by Syed Naqvi on Aug 22, 2014
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  Pet. Sci. Tech. (Accepted)


  Raw magnesite is slightly porous but it becomes highly porous at   above 500oC. Its adsorption characteristics during   percolation of solvent extracted used lubricating oil were   investigated using surface area determination, supported by   scanning electron microscopy, elemental analyses, thermal   gravimetric analyses, X-ray diffraction patterns. Adsorption   capability was studied for various activation temperatures, times   and particle sizes. Maximum adsorption capacity was found for   100-230 mesh magnesite particles activated at 500oC   for 2 hours. This has produced low color index re-refined oil.   One of the economical features is the reproducibility of the   results after regeneration of the spent magnesite samples. An   excellent feature of the adsorbent is the efficient removal   capability aromatica especially PAH, established carcinogens,   which is supported by UV and FTIR studies of oils at various   stages of re-refining.

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