Thomas Umile - Catalytic Generation of Chlorine Dioxide from Chlorite Using a Water-Soluble Manganese Porphyrin

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  Umile, T. P. and Groves, J. T. , Catalytic Generation of Chlorine   Dioxide from Chlorite Using a Water-Soluble Manganese Porphyrin.   Angewandte Chemie International Edition


  The cationic, water soluble manganese imidazolium porphyrin   [Mn(TDMImP)] efficiently catalyzes the dismutation of chlorite   ion (ClO2) to chlorine dioxide. The   gaseous product ClO2 could be isolated in 60 % yield   (500 turnovers at 0.5 turnover s−1) and the catalyst   was completely recovered. Oxo-transfer from chlorite to the   MnIII catalyst is proposed to be the rate limiting   step. An immobilized form of the catalyst was also active.

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