Fred Winer - Exploration tools for drug discovery and beyond: applying SciFinder to interdisciplinary research

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                Exploration tools for drug discovery and                 beyond: applying SciFinder to interdisciplinary                 research             
                By Haldeman, Margaret; Vieira, Barbara; Winer,                 Fred; Knutsen, Lars J. S.              
                From Current Drug Discovery Technologies (2005),                 2(2), 69-74. Language: English              


  Chemists have long recognized the value of online databases   for  surveying the literature of their field.  Chem.   Abstrs. Service (CAS)  databases covering almost a century's   worth of journal articles and  patent documents are among   the best known and widely used for searching  information on   compds.  Today's research presents a new challenge,    however, as the boundaries of chem. and biol. sciences   overlap  increasingly.  This trend is esp. true in the   drug discovery field  where, published findings relating to   both chem. and biol. entities and  their interactions are   examd.  CAS has expanded its resources to meet  the   requirements of the new, interdisciplinary challenges faced   by  today's researchers.  This is evident both in the   content of CAS  databases, which have been expanded to   include more biol.-

  related  information, and in the technol. of the search   tools now available to  researchers on their desktop.    It is the integration of content and  search-and-retrieval   technol. that enables new insights to be  made in the vast   body of accumulated information.  CAS's SciFinder is a    widely used research tool for this purpose.

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