Sanka Atapattu -   Title: Factors Affecting the Interpretation of Selectivity on Synergi Reversed-Phase Columns Author(s): Atapattu, SN; Poole, CFSource: CHROMATOGRA

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    Title: Factors Affecting the Interpretation of Selectivity   on Synergi Reversed-Phase Columns Author(s): Atapattu, SN; Poole,   CF Source: CHROMATOGRAPHIA  Volume: 71  Issue:   3-4  Pages: 185-193  Published: 2010


  The solvation parameter model is used to establish the   contribution of cohesion, dipole-type, and hydrogen-bonding   interactions to the retention mechanism on Synergi Hydro-RP,   Fusion-RP, and Polar-RP reversed-phase columns with   methanol-water mobile phases containing from 10-70% (v/v) methanol. Large changes in   relative retention on the compared columns can result from steric   resistance, differences in the phase ratios, and from dewetting   at low methanol compositions while changes in intermolecular   interactions are responsible for smaller changes at a fixed   mobile phase composition. For Synergi Hydro-RP and Polar-RP   changing methanol for acetonirile is more powerful for affecting   changes in retention order than changing the stationary phase.   The three Synergi columns show useful selectivity differences for   method development when compared with 13 other modern   reversed-phase columns representing a selection of different   stationary phase chemistries. The results from this study   indicate the limitations of classifying reversed-phase columns by   the retention of prototypical compounds to define specific   retention mechanisms.

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