Rudy Agustriyanto - Control structure selection for the ALSTOM gasifier benchmark process using GRDG analysis     International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 2009 - Vol. 6, No.2  pp. 126 - 135

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  International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control   2009 - Vol. 6, No.2  pp. 126 - 135


  Exploring the disturbance rejection capability of possible   multi-loop  control structures for the ALSTOM gasifier   benchmark process and  selecting the appropriate control   structure are presented in this paper.  Generalised relative   disturbance gain (GRDG) analysis is used for  control   structure determination. In order to carry out GRDG   analysis,  process models in the form of transfer functions   are obtained from the  discrete time models identified using   the output-error (OE) system  identification method from the   simulated process operation data. Models  identified with   the OE method can provide accurate long range prediction    (or simulation) performance and, hence, lead to accurate   transfer  function models. The GRDG analysis of four control   schemes proposed by  Asmar et al. (2000) clearly shows that   the control structure employed by  the baseline controller   is the most favoured multi-loop control  structure. This   study provides explanations for the impressive  performance   of the ALSTOM baseline controller that were not available    before.

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