Fred Winer - Bridging the Chemical and Biological Sciences through Exploration of the Drug Discovery Literature

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          By Winer, Fredric B.        
          From Abstracts, 36th  Central Regional Meeting of           the American Chemical Society, Indianapolis,  IN,           United States, June 2-4 (2004), INV-354.        


  Scientific advances in drug discovery are increasingly   cross-disciplinary.   The publication of key findings   in the public patent and journal  literature is a key method   for both chem. and biol. scientists around  the world to   share information and establish intellectual   property.   Pharmaceutical and biotechnol. companies as   well as government-sponsored  research at universities and   government agencies produce a wealth of  biol., biochem.,   and chem. information.  SciFinder and SciFinder   Scholar  are tools that allow scientists to quickly and   effectively scan and  evaluate the worlds scientific   literature starting from sequences, small  mols., or   scientific concepts.  A case study is used to   demonstrate  some of these applications.

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