Heidi Ferguson - Why magnesium is five-coordinate in methanol(phthalocyaninato)magnesium(II)

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  Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure   Communications, 2005, 61(11): M472-M475.



  The square-pyramidal Mg center in the title compound,   [Mg(C32H16N8)(CH4O)],   is five-coordinate due to the formation of back-to-back [pi]-[pi] dimers   that saturate the vacant apical site of the metal   coordination  sphere. Each complex is a member of a   back-to-back and a face-to-face  dimer; the latter are   tethered by two strong O-H...N    hydrogen bonds. The dimers form columns that likely determine   the  solid-state packing. The phthalocyaninate ligands are   essentially  planar, with a slight `hat visor' conformation   character.

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