Rui Tang - Fe(III)-Immobilized Collagen Fiber: A Renewable Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Photoassisted Decomposition of Orange II

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  Xiaohu Liu, Rui Tang, Qiang He, Xuepin Liao, Bi Shi.   Fe(III)-Immobilized  Collagen Fiber: A Renewable   Heterogeneous Catalyst for the  Photoassisted Decomposition   of Orange II. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2009:  1458-1463.


  A novel catalyst for the Fenton reaction was prepared by   immobilizing  Fe(III) onto collagen fiber, and its catalytic   activity for the  photoassisted decomposition of Orange II   was investigated. The results  indicated that this catalyst,   Fe(III)-immobilized collagen fiber (FICF),  follows an   adsorption−decomposition mechanism so that it can    effectively accelerate the decoloration and mineralization rates   of  Orange II in aqueous solution. Catalyzed by FICF (0.5   g/L, 91 mg/g Fe  loading), the TOC of Orange II solution   (1000 mL, 0.2 mM, pH 6.42) was  62.9% removed within 90 min   under UVC irradiation (254 nm, 10 W) in the  presence of   H2O2 (5.0 mM); meanwhile, the dye    solution was completely decolorized. FICF can be recycled 10   times with  little activity loss, and its catalytic activity   can be easily recovered  by reimmobilization of Fe(III).   Therefore, FICF could act as an  efficient and   cost-effective catalyst for the photoassisted  decomposition   of Orange II.

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