Rafael Abargues -  A novel method of nanocrystal fabrication based on laser ablation in liquid environment

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  E Jimenez, K Abderrafi, J Martinez-Pastor, R Abargues, J L   Valdes, R Ibanez (2008) SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES 43:   5-6. 487-493


  Metal nanoparticles can be prepared by a novel technique that   consists of the laser ablation of a solid target immersed in a   water solution of a metal salt. Silicon was chosen as the most   adequate target to synthesize silver and gold nanoparticles from   a water solution of either AgNO3 or HAuCl4. The influence of both   the silver nitrate concentrations and the irradiation time of the   Si target on the optical properties of the Au and Ag   nanoparticles have been investigated. The crystalline nature of   the metal nanoparticles has been determined by X-ray diffraction   (XRD). Average size and particle size distribution have been   measured by means of TEM. The absorbance spectra show the   characteristic band of the surface resonant plasmon of silver and   gold nanoparticles.

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