Nura Suleiman Gwaram - {2-Morpholino-N-[1-(2-pyridyl)ethylidene] ethanamine-j3N,N0,N00}bis(thiocyanato- jN)copper(II)

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      Acta Cryst. (2011). E67, m58 [ doi:10.1107/S1600536810050889   ]
      {2-Morpholino-N-[1-(2-pyridyl)ethylidene]ethanamine-   3N,N',N''}bis(thiocyanato- N)copper(II)
      N. Suleiman Gwaram, N. A. Ikmal Hisham, H. Khaledi and H. Mohd   Ali


      The title compound is a mixed-ligand copper(II) complex with   isothiocyanate and the Schiff base 2-morpholino-N-[1-(2-
      pyridyl)ethylidene]ethanamine. The geometry of the complex is   slightly distorted square-pyramidal (τ = 0.05) with the
      N,N',N"-tridentate Schiff base and one SCN ligand at the basal   positions, while the apical position is occupied by a second
      SCN ligand. This arrangement has been observed in some other   mixed-ligand copper(II) complexes (Drew et al., 2009;
      You et al., 2006; Yue et al., 2005). In the crystal structure,   the C—H···N, C—H···O and C—H···S interactions within the
      range for normal hydrogen bonds link the adjacent molecules into   layers parallel to the ac plane (Fig. 2). An intramolecular
      C—H···N hydrogen bonding is also observed. Moreover, the aromatic   rings of each two molecules related by the symmetry
      -x + 2, -y, -z + 1, are arranged in an antiparallel manner with   centroid-centroid separation of 3.9412 (9) Å, indicative of
      a weak π–π interaction.

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