Rui Tang - Fe(III)-loaded collagen fiber as a heterogeneous catalyst for the photo-assisted decomposition of Malachite Green

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  Xiaohu Liu, Rui Tang, Qiang He, Xuepin Liao, Bi Shi.   Fe(III)-loaded  collagen fiber as a heterogeneous catalyst   for the photo-assisted  decomposition of Malachite Green. J.   Hazardous Mater. 2010: 687-693.


  A heterogeneous catalyst for Fenton reaction was prepared   by  immobilizing Fe(III) onto collagen fiber and its   catalytic activity for  the photo-assisted decomposition of   Malachite Green (MG) was  investigated. The results   indicated that this Fe(III)-immobilized  collagen fiber   (Fe-CF) can effectively catalyse the decoloration and    decomposition/mineralization of MG in aqueous solution. Catalysed   by  Fe-CF, MG solution was completely decolorized in 30 min,   while 55.0% of  TOC was removed from the dye solution within   120 min in the presence of H2O2 and UVA   irradiation (365 nm, 10 W). Fe-CF was recycled for seven   times  with certain activity loss (32.6% in decoloration,   18.5% in TOC  removal), and its catalytic activity can be   easily recovered by  re-immobilization of Fe(III).   Therefore, Fe-CF could act as an efficient  and   cost-effective catalyst for the photo-assisted decomposition of   MG,  and shows potential applications in practice.

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