Idriss Blakey - Chemiluminescence as a Probe of Polymer Oxidation

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  Idriss  Blakey,   Ben    Goss and Graeme  George

  Australian Journal of Chemistry  59(8) 485–498      doi:10.1071/CH06174


  Many oxidation reactions of organic materials,   including  polymers, are accompanied by the emission of weak   chemiluminescence  (CL). From a study of the mechanism of   this weak CL, it is shown that  the time development of the   CL intensity may provide the kinetics of the  oxidation   reaction and is thus a sensitive probe of the degradation   of  the material. The intensity of emission reflects the   concentration of  peroxidic species in the material. Whereas   the kinetics of the oxidation  may be described by a series   of elementary, homogeneous free radical  reactions, the use   of imaging techniques has shown that the oxidation of    polymers such as polypropylene is highly heterogeneous. A model   that  describes the oxidation as spreading through the   material as an  infection from a number of initiating sites   is able to rationalize these  observations and provide a new   approach to the prediction of the useful  lifetime of a   polymeric material.

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