Rudy Agustriyanto - Steady State and Dynamic of Gluconic Acid Production by Aspergillus Niger

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  Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Vol.4,   No.7, 2010, PP 39-45


  Batch and continuous fermentation   of gluconic acid  production has been studied. The kinetic   parameters of the fermentation  process were determined from   the batch experimental data. The continuous  fermentation   was modeled to be carried out in a stirred tank reactor.    The effect of hydraulic retention time on the steady state   continuous  fermentation process of glucose by Aspergillus   niger to produce gluconic  acid was investigated. The result   showed that increasing the hydraulic  retention time caused   the cell amount and gluconic acid concentration at  the   outlet stream increased but the glucose concentration at the   outlet  stream decreased. The steady state simulation result   was useful for  fermenter size determination. Dynamic   behaviour of gluconic acid  production through fermentation   by Aspergillus niger was also studied  for a fermenter with   24 h hydraulic retention time. Applying step change  of   inlet substrate concentration resulted in first order response   of  cell, substrate and product concentration with all   having positive gain.  On the other hand, applying step   change of inlet cell concentration has  resulted in positive   gain for cell and product concentration and  negative gain   for substrate concentration with first order response for    all those three parameters.

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