Rajani Srinivasan - 9.     Rajani, S., Agarwal, M., Dubey, R. and Mishra, A. (2002). P.psyllium -;g-polyacrylamide -;synthesis and characterization. Polymer Bulletin, 48(6), 439-444

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 9. Rajani, S., Agarwal, M., Dubey, R. and   Mishra, A. (2002). P.psyllium -;g-polyacrylamide -;synthesis and   characterization. Polymer Bulletin, 48(6), 439-444. Springer   verlag, Japan. 10. Rajani, S., Dubey, R. and Mishra, A. (2002).   Flocculation of textile wastewater by Plantago psyllium mucilage.   Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 287, 592-596. WILEY-VCH   GmbH Verlag, Germany. 11. Rajani, S., Agarwal, M. and Mishra, A.,   (2002). Plantago psyllium grafted polyacrylonitrile- Synthesis,   characterization and its use in suspended and dissolved solid   removal from textile effluent. Water quality research journal of   Canada, 37(2), 371-378. Canadian Association on water Quality   (CAWQ), Canada. 12. Rajani, S., Agarwal, M., Vankar, P.S. and   Mishra (2002). Synthesis, characterization and flocculation   efficiency of sodium alginate -;g-Polyacrylamide in textile waste   water. Asian Textile Journal, 11(2-3), 48-52. GPS Kwatra, India.   13. Agarwal, M., Rajani, S. and Mishra, A. (2002). Synthesis of   Plantago psyllium grafted polyacrylamide and its flocculation   efficiency in tannery and domestic wastewater. Journal of Polymer   Research, 9, 69-73. Kluwer Academic publishers, Taiwan. 14.   Agarwal, M., Rajani, S. and Mishra, A. (2001). Study on   flocculation efficiency of okra mucilage in sewage wastewater.   Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 286(9), 560-563.   WILEY-VCH GmbH Verlag, Germany. 15. Rajani, S., Padma, S.V. and   Mishra, A. (2001). Treatment of textile effluent using sodium   alginate as flocculant. Colourage, 48(10), 29-32. Colour   Publications Pvt. Ltd. India.

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