Doris Melgarejo - Tetranuclear, Oxygen Centered Copper(II) Clusters Linked Together with Guanidine-Guanidinate Ligands. 

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  Journal of Cluster Science  (2010),  21(3),    551-565.  Chiarella, Gina M.; Melgarejo, Doris Y.;   Prosvirin, Andrey V.; Dunbar, Kim R.; Fackler, John P., Jr.


  The reaction of copper(I) chloride with Htbo   (1,4,6-triazabicyclo[3.3.0]oct-4-ene) under reflux in THF with   oxidn. by oxygen, produces a neutral cluster comprising two   oxo-tetra-copper(II) units connected by six tbo- bridges three of   them bind two and the other three bind four metals; each unit   also contains three chlorine bridges and a Htbo terminal   ligand.  Two different x-ray crystal structures (1a, 1b)   were detd. and the magnetic behavior was studied.  The molar   magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate strong exchange   interactions within an oxo cluster with coupling consts. of J1 =   -163 cm-1 and J2 = -1.1 cm-1, and a weak interaction across the   guanidinate bridges of J3 = -5.2 cm-1 of the octa-CuII cluster.

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