Doris Melgarejo - An octanuclear gold(I) cube with amidinate ligands containing two hyper-coordinate ylide carbon atoms. 

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  Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung, B: A Journal of Chemical   Sciences  (2009),  64(11/12),  1487-1490.   Melgarejo, Doris Y.; Chiarella, Gina M.; Mohamed, Ahmed A.;   Fackler, John P., Jr.


  Disparate properties of gold(I) converge to produce the first   known cube assembly of eight Au(I) atoms connected by four   N-bridging amidinate ligands on the sides of the cube, capped   above and below by hyper-coordinate carbon atoms from a   phosphorous ylide.  There are no phosphines coordinated to   the Au(I) atoms.  The cluster is formulated as   [Au8{CH(NC8H9)2}4{(.eta.5-C)P(C6H5)2(CH3)}2].  It displays a   strong green luminescence under UV light.  The novel product   was generated in an attempt to produce luminescent species of   gold(I) with mixed C- and N-coordination, an arrangement not   abundant in the literature.  The formation and structure of   this cluster is reported.

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