Doris Melgarejo - Further Study of the Reaction of Fe2+ with CN-: Synthesis and Characterization of cis and trans [FeII,III(CN)4L2]n- Complexes.

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  Journal of the American Chemical Society  (2006),    128(5),  1416-1417. Chiarella, Gina M.; Melgarejo, Doris Y.;   Koch, Stephen A.


  The reaction of Fe2+ with CN-, which was 1st performed in 1704,   was used to synthesize basic [FeII,III(CN)4L2]n- complexes, where   L is a monodentate ligand.  Trans-Na2[FeII(CN)4(DMSO)2] and   cis-[NEt4]2[FeII(CN)4(py)2] were synthesized by the direct   reaction of FeCl2 with 4 equiv of CN- in DMSO or pyridine.    Air oxidn. of the latter compd. gives   cis-[NEt4][FeIII(CN)4(py)2].  The noncyanide ligands in   these complexes undergo facile ligand exchange reactions with   solvent.  Reaction of cis-[NEt4]2[FeII(CN)4(py)2] with CO at   room temp. gives trans-[NEt4]2[FeII(CN)4(py)(CO)].

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