Vasiliki Lagouri - Nutrient antioxidants in oregano

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  Lagouri V. and Boskou D. (1996):   International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition  47(6), 493-97


  Oregano and its various extracts have been studied as inhibitors   of autoxidation but so far the research work has focused mainly   on the polar non nutrient compounds. Very little is known about   the non polar fraction extracted by hexane which is also   antioxidant and has been reported to suppress the mutagenicity of   Trp-P-2, a dietary carcinogen. In rhis work four different   species of oregano, Origanum vulgare subsp. hinunt. Satureja   thymbra, Origanum dictamnus and Origanum onites, were extracred   with hexane. The extracts were saponified and in the   unsaponifiable fraction thin layer chromatography and high   performance liquid chromatography were applied for the isolation,   detection and determination of tocopherols. The four known   homologues of tocopherol, α-, β-, γ- and 6-, were found to be   present in all the samples bur the concentration of the   γ-homologue was significantly higher. Total tocopherol content   ranged from 288 ppm to 672ppm.

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