Vasiliki Lagouri - Methodology for identification of phenolic acids in complex phenolic mixtures by high resolution two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance. Application to methanolic extracts of two oregano species

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  Gerothanasis I.P., Exarchou V., Lagouri   V., Troganis A., Tsimidou M. and Boskou D.   (1998): J. Agric. Food Chem. 46(10), 4185-92


  Spectroscopic methodology in analyzing two-dimensional (2D) NMR   spectra of a mixture of several phenolic compounds that occur in   natural products is described. Particular emphasis has been given   to the determination of scalar coupling connectivities by   homonuclear 2D correlated

  spectroscopy (COSY), remote intraresidue connectivities by   totally correlated spectroscopy (TOCSY), and spatially close but   uncoupled 1H nuclei by homonuclear 2D nuclear Overhauser effect   spectroscopy (NOESY/ROESY). Preliminary data to identify phenolic   acids in the methanolic

  extracts from two oregano plants are also reported.

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