Vasiliki Lagouri - Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of lupin seed flour and derivatives (Lupinus albus ssp.Graecus)

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  Tsaliki E., Lagouri V., Doxastakis G. (1999):   Food Chem 65(1), 71-75


  In order to investigate natural sources of nutritive and   non-nutritive antioxidants, the methanol extracts of lupin   (Lupinus albus spp. Graecus). Flour (with and without alkaloids)   and lupin protein isolate were first examined for their   antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activity of these extracts   was determined by a rapid spectrophotometric method based on the   coupled oxidation of

  b-carotene and linoleic acid and also by carrying out stability   tests at 63 C with cottonseed oil. The results showed that the   methanol extracts of lupin exhibit a marked antioxidant activity,   higher than that of soya flour extracts. In a second step, an   attempt was made to detect some of the components that may   contribute to the overall antioxidant activity such as phenols,   flavonoids, amino acids and peptides by using thin-layer   chromatography. Finally, the pronounced antioxidant activity was   correlated to the presence of total phenolics and phospholipids   at high concentrations in the lupin extracts.

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