Vipin Kumar Saini - Removal of  rhodamine B, fast green and methylene blue  from wastewater using red mud – an aluminum industry waste

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  Published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 43,   1740-1747(2004). (Impact factor 1.76 )   (Citations 72)


  Successful removal of rhodamine B, fast green, and methylene blue   from  wastewater was achieved using red mud, an aluminum   industry waste. The  percentage removals of rhodamine B,   fast green, and methylene blue on  this adsorbent were 92.5,   94.0, and 75.0, respectively. Studies were  conducted to   delineate the effects of initial absorbate concentration,    pH, adsorbent dose, contact time, temperature, and adsorbent   particle  size. Up to 95−97% removals of rhodamine B, fast   green, and methylene  blue were achieved in column   experiments at a flow rate of 0.5 mL/min.  The adsorption   was found to be exothermic in nature. The developed  system   is very useful, rapid, and reproducible for the removal of   the  three dyes.

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