Idriss Blakey - Novel high-index resists for 193-nm immersion lithography and beyond.

Document created by Idriss Blakey on Aug 22, 2014
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  Blakey, I.; Chen, L.; Dargaville, B.; Liu, H.; Whittaker, A.;   Conley, W.; Piscani, E.; Rich, G.; Williams, A.; Zimmerman, P.,   Proc. SPIE 2007, 6519, 651909/1-651909/9.


  A preliminary Quant. Structure Property Relationship (QSPR) model   for predicting the refractive index of small mols. and polymers   at 193 nm is presented. Although at this stage the model is only   semiquant. we have found it useful for screening databases of   com.-available compds. for high refractive index targets to   include in our program of synthesis of high refractive index   resist polymers. These resists are targeted for use in 2nd and   3rd generation 193 nm immersion lithog. Using this methodol. a   range of targets were identified and synthesized via free radical   polymn. Novel resist polymers were also synthesized via Michael   addn. polymn. Preliminary dose to clear expts. identified a no.   of promising candidates for incorporation into high refractive   index resist materials. Furthermore, we have demonstrated imaging   of a high index resist using water-based 193 nm immersion lithog

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