Benjamin Smith - Vertical Arrays of Anisotropic Particles by Gravity-Driven Self-Assembly

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      Smith, B. D.; Kirby, D. J.; Keating, C. D. Vertical Arrays of   Anisotropic Particles by Gravity-Driven Self-Assembly.   Small 2011, 7 (6), 781-788.

      doi: 10.1002/smll.201002233



        Anisotropic particles assemble to spontaneously  form     columnar arrays. Hybrid nanotube/nanowire particles     (silica  nanotubes partially filled with metallic cores)     deposit with their  denser metallic ends towards the     surface, orienting them vertically. Up  to 84% are     observed to be standing over a 0.64 cm2 area within     15 min. Standing percentage is found to be dependent on     particle surface concentration.  

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