Leah Arrigo - Phosphinimines as selective extractants for Tc-99 pertechnetate

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  Arrigo, L.M.; Galenas, M.; Kannan, R.; Katti, K.V.; Jurisson,   S.S.  Phosphinimines as selective extractants for Tc-99   pertechnetate.  Radiochimica Acta 2008 (96)   175-181.


  The triphenylphosphiniminium cation (Ph3P=   NH2+)   was evaluated for its selectivity for the pertechnetate anion   ((TcO4-)-Tc-99) using both solvent   extraction and solid phase extraction methods. The solid phase   extraction of TcO4- using trimethyl silyl   -protected triphenylphosphinimine coated silica gel demonstrated   the selectivity of the triphenylphosphiniminium cation for   TcO4- over a variety of inorganic   (NO3-, Cl-,   H2PO4-,   HSO4-/SO42- ) and   organic (fumarate) anions in aqueous solution (> 98% extracted   when at pM TcO4- VS. 0.15 M anion).    Iodide, lactate, benzoate and acetate were able to compete with   pertechnetate (only 11-83% extracted) when present in large   excess (0.15 M anion vs. 10(-12) M   (TcO4-)-Tc-99m), but not when the anion was   present in a 10-fold excess. The triphenylphosphiniminium cation   was significantly selective for TcO4- over   ReO4-, a commonly used non-radioactive   analog for Tc-99, when tracer amounts of both competed with the   anions iodide, lactate, benzoate and acetate.

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