Leah Arrigo - Calibration of the HB-line active well neutron coincidence counter for measure of LANL 3013 highly enriched uranium product spills

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  Dewberry, R.A.; Williams, D.R.; Lee, R.S.; Roberts, D.W.; Arrigo,   L.M.; Salaymeh, S.R.  Calibration of the HB-Line active well   neutron coincidence counter for measure of LANL 3013 highly   enriched uranium product splits.  Journal of Radioanalytical   and Nuclear Chemistry 2009 (279) 539-546.


  In this paper, the setup, calibration, and testing of the F-Area   Analytical Labs active well neutron coincidence counter   (HV-221000-NDA-X-1-DK-AWCC-1) in SRNL are described for use in   the Savannah River Site (SRS) transuranium metal production   facility to enable assay of mixed uranium/plutonium metal   product. The instrument was required within a three-month window   for availability upon receipt of LANL uranium oxide samples into   the SRS facility. Calibration of the instrument in the SRNL   nuclear nondestructive assay facility in the range 10-400 g HEU   is described. We also report qualification and installation of   the instrument for assay of the initial suite of product samples.

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