Idriss Blakey - Raman spectral mapping of photo-oxidized polypropylene.

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  Blakey, I.; George, G. A., Polymer Degradation and Stability   2000, 70 (2), 269-275.



  Raman spectral mapping at a microscopic scale has been used to   probe the heterogeneous photo-oxidn. of unstabilized single   particles and films of polypropylene (PP). Anal. of resonance   Raman spectra in conjunction with SEM/EDX data allowed detn. of   the distribution of polymn. catalyst residues throughout the   polymer. However, the distribution of oxidn. products was found   not to correlate with the distribution of catalyst. Consequently,   a conclusion was drawn that the catalyst residues, for the type   of PP studied, tend to stabilize the polymer in the immediate   vicinity, but also form reactive species that diffuse away from   the catalyst to initiate oxidn.

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